Fashion Art Toronto 2014

So on April 26th I was able to catch my first runway show at Fashion Art Toronto.  The event has been running for 9 years and I am so glad I decided to check it out.  The venue was amazing in the new Daniels Spectrum Complex and the turn out was great.  But more importantly the shows were really professional, creative and engaging.  The night was such a wonderful visual treat, with the theme Minimal/Extreme.  That was definitely the flow of the evening with the first runways shows showcasing minimal creative fashion designs to the last featuring some pretty extreme / artistic pieces.  Overall I loved it and I’ll definitely hit it up again next year.

Below are videos of 2 of the runway shows I loved from Nazbash and Mitra Ghavamian.  My videos don’t do the event justice.  Please check out the Fashion Art Toronto website for better photos and videos showcasing the event.

– jan
of meiresthai design (handmade jewellery in Toronto)



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meiresthai design is a labour of love. We are the creative force and the tireless labour behind every piece of our jewelry. We want to conceive and construct pieces that inspire and excite. To bring a piece of our beauty into this world

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