meiresthai @stylemakers design market

Next week we’ll be showcasing our beautiful jewellery designs at the Stylemakers Design Market.  Join us on Saturday June 21 from 12:00pm – 9:00pm at Artscape Youngplace 180 Shaw Street and come discover all the great designers and talent.  Below we’ve pulled some images from the exciting designers we’re eager to meet.

Dagg & Stacey
Ann and Arayata
Beata Dircyz

We hope you’re able to make it.  There will be lots of events happening in the surrounding area.  So lots to see and do.  

See you there!

– jan +jo
of meiresthai design (handmade jewellery in Toronto)

dagg and stacey_meiresthai design

1. women’s wear by dagg & stacey

annandarayata_meiresthai design

2.  bags by ann and arayata

beatadirycz_meiresthai design

3.  women’s wear by beata dircyz

jool_meiresthai design

4.  upcycled accessories by jool


About meiresthai

meiresthai design is a labour of love. We are the creative force and the tireless labour behind every piece of our jewelry. We want to conceive and construct pieces that inspire and excite. To bring a piece of our beauty into this world

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