Not Just A Label

Jumping up and down for joy is the only way to describe how excited we were to be accepted as part of Not Just A Label’s amazing community of artists and designers.  If you aren’t familiar with the website definitely check it out.  It’s an amazing community of fashion designers and entrepreneurs who are passionately dedicated to their craft.  The talent represented is inspiring, unique and thought provoking.  We couldn’t be more honoured.

Visit our profile:

It’s been a long journey to get to this point but we’re happy to have made this milestone.  The best part is that it represents the wrap up of our long awaited photoshoot.  And that means the lookbook is coming.  For now here are some teaser shots.

– jan + jo
of meiresthai design (handmade jewellery in Toronto)


oblong by meiresthai design


trapezio by meiresthai design


line by meiresthai design

About meiresthai

meiresthai design is a labour of love. We are the creative force and the tireless labour behind every piece of our jewelry. We want to conceive and construct pieces that inspire and excite. To bring a piece of our beauty into this world

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